Prehab plays Jerome Arizona with Mill Ave legends Dead Hot Workshop

When: September 13, 2014 @ 9:00 pm – September 14, 2014 @ 12:00 am

Where: The Spirit Room

Cost: Free


Two Valley Bands will be performing this evening!  Dead Hot Workshop and Prehab.

Dead Hot Workshop

Along with the Gin Blossoms, the Refreshments, and the Pistoleros, Dead Hot Workshop helped transform Tempe, AZ — the Phoenix suburb that houses Arizona State University — into a musical hotbed in the 1990s. The guitar-driven lineup was led by singer/songwriter Brent Babb, who formed the band during the late ‘80s with help from guitarist Steve Larson, drummer Curtis Grippe, and bassist Brian Griffith. Dead Hot Workshop built up a sizable following with shows at Long Wong’s, Sun Club, and other Tempe venues, and the band began pursuing a wider audience after signing a contract with Tag Recordings, a subsidiary of Atlantic Records, in 1994.

Like a number of Tempe-based groups, Dead Hot Workshop’s sound owed a good deal to the band’s surroundings. They played desert rock & roll with a country bent, taking influence from the likes of Neil Young, Johnny Cash, and the Replacements. Tag Recordings first unveiled that sound with the 1994 EP River Otis, which was followed one year later by the full-length album 1001 (the title of which referred to the Sun Club’s street address). Dead Hot Workshop supported those releases with several tours, but they failed to find the national audience that the Gin Blossoms had secured several years prior. Following the termination of their record contract, Larson quit the lineup in 1997 and later joined Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers, a regional supergroup that also featured former members of the Refreshments and Gin Blossoms. Meanwhile, Dead Hot Workshop recorded their second album, Karma Covered Apple, as a trio. Brent Babb kept Dead Hot Workshop alive during the following decade with the help of several different lineups, although the closure of Tempe’s most influential clubs — particularly Long Wong’s, which shut its doors in April 2004 — signaled an end to an era.


Like the mythical bird that rose from the ashes, Phoenix based Prehab enjoys a story of resurrection all its own. The Arizona foursome spent the mid 1990′s playing as the Bedspins along Tempe Arizona’s Mill Ave, and the Southwest. For almost five years between 1993 and 1998, the band logged more than 500 live shows preforming energizing sets of mostly original songs.

The Bedspins became a songwriting machine working under producer Andy Barrett of Gin Blossoms and Stevie Nicks fame. They almost never played the same set twice because they were always adding new songs, sometimes on a per-gig basis.

Some show highlights range from playing a taco stand in Benson, to playing Cricket Pavilion w/ Def Leppard (side stage), and Celebrity Theatre with Violent Femmes and Bloodhound Gang. In 1998, after five years of pounding the pavement, they decided to take a sabbatical exploring other interests.

In 2007 two dramatic events occurred to pull the former band-mates back together. First, a close childhood friend of the band, drummer Brent Steffey, died suddenly from a brain hemorrhage at the age of 36 years old. The funeral was the first time in many years that all the band-mates were in the same room together. Seeing each other again brought back miles of memories, and they all parted ways promising to stay in touch.

The second event occurred with a band member losing his battle with prescription drug addiction. He landed in Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Centre Antigua. Though-out his process on the path to sobriety he re-discovered his love for Music. This inspired him to pull vocalist Chris Kay out of hiding, and they started to assemble songs with the goal of landing a publishing deal. What started as a song catalog project, soon evolved into the reunion and a band that everyone was proud to be a part of: Prehab

This initial spark ignited the recording of One Is Too Many (A Thousand Is Never Enough). Released by Aahshaw records in January 09, the record was well-received and reviewed locally landing the band gigs and drawing enthusiastic crowds. Soon the band was back rehearsing and writing new material. After a short time there were 10 new songs and the search for an experienced producer began.

Many names were considered and soon it was obvious that John Hampton was the perfect man for the job. John has had an amazing career racking up several Grammys and participating in numerous Platinum and Gold records. Having recorded bands like The White Stripes, The Replacements, and Gin Blossoms it was a great honor that he decided to work with the band. The band flew to Memphis to record with John at the legendary Ardent Studios. The hallowed halls of Ardent have hosted thousands of artists ranging from BB King to ZZ Top. The vibe and history at Ardent inspired the band to track 10 songs in just 4 days.

After arriving back in Phoenix Prehab began working on the mixes with HB Abels who was instrumental in engineering and recording the first Prehab release. After months of additional recording and mixing, multiple Grammy winner Adam Ayan ( Nirvana, Foo Fighters, NIN, Keith Urban) mastered the record at Gateway sound. The result of everyone’s collective efforts is the new Aahshaw Records EP “ I Haven’t Been Completely Honest” (2013)

Shortly after completing the record long time drummer Jeff Bourne left the group to explore other opportunities. After several weeks of auditions the band welcomed Phillip Rhodes ( Gin Blossoms) to the fold. Phil brings years of experience as a platinum selling artist, performer and songwriter to band as well as a sense of humor that is a perfect fit.


The first single “Not Coming Home” is currently receiving regular airplay locally after being heavily requested then added to 93.9 KWSS in August 2013.  “Not Coming Home” as well as “Liar Liar” and “False Horizon” are currently in rotation on over 68 college radio stations such as WMCX, KMNR, WONY, KQAL, WUMF, WVYC etc.  The bands official video for “Not Coming Home” was released in fall 2013 and now has over 6300 views. Prehab’s music has also been featured on,, Almost Famous Film Festival and where the song “Freaky” has over 325,000 views. The band’s music was most recently used in fashion line Diego Milano’s winter 2013 ad campaign. Prehab starts working with Producer Owen Morris (Oasis, The Verve, Ash, Eastern Conference Champs) in late September on a new Record. The band has also been selected out of thousands of bands to play CMJ in NYC in late October. The band also plans to film a documentary capturing the new recording as well as the everyday lives and creative process of the band.



Chris Kay: Vocals, Songwriter, Guitar, Keyboards

Jason Kay: Lead Guitar, Vocals, Songwriter

Chris Cantu: Bass, Songwriter

Phillip Rhodes: Drums, Songwriter